Raised in the South of France by artist parents in the splendor of the “Gorge du Verdon” Provence region was the perfect crucible for creativity.  At age fifteen, working for a short while alongside his renowned designer father was the spark that ignited Pascal’s lifelong jewelry creating passion.

Moustiers Sainte Marie

Moustiers Sainte Marie – Home of Pascal’s first shop

Using silver and acrylics at first, Pascal’s avant-garde work was already inspired by the precision of Japanese joinery work, the purity of Scandinavian design and the desire to break boundaries. From the start, Pascal was on a quest to master the making of invisible hinged bracelets. Soon gold, diamond and other precious gems became the materials of choice.

Onyx, Diamond and 18k yellow gold hinged Bracelet Designed for the opening of first exhibit in Paris

In 1975, Pascal Lacroix had his first solo exhibit at the coveted Marie Ziswiller Gallery in Paris and won several DeBeers awards in the following years.

Setting shop first in the south of France, then Paris, Pascal’s creative desire and appetite for new inspiration led him to San Francisco and he now lives in the foothills of the northern California Sierra Mountains. From this spectacular location Pascal continues to relish on new challenges both in design and techniques.

With a perfect finish and joining, the hinge and clasp are customized to each bracelet design and made to be invisible. In Pascal’s words, “they should last many lifetimes, be easy to operate, pleasing to the eye, sound a firm and comforting click when closing and disappear when closed.”

Drawing his inspiration from nature, architecture, dreams, music and the poetry of people, Pascal, a perfectionist in his work, enjoys working solo.

The bench after a long week

“Personally, performing every stage of the work enables me to constantly refine the quality of the curves, the mechanics and the settings. It keeps me connected, stimulates my creative process and charges me for the next creation.”  When developing pieces for the American Jewelry Design Council or special custom projects, he always like to include new techniques.  He finds those challenges energizing as they always open new routes to discoveries.  Pascal loves getting to know the people he designs for and fine tuning the designs to pick up their character traits and highlight their beauty.

The bench after a long week

Artisan Pascal Lacroix has been designing and handcrafting fine jewelry for 50 years. His one-of-a-kind and custom-made works have been showcased in some of the finest galleries, jewelry stores and museums in the world.